Children's Piercings

At RION, we know how important it is for every piercing to be performed in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment with knowledgeable staff leading the way - especially when it comes to your children.

Our amazing team of professionals will work with you and your child through the entire process. This includes everything from selecting jewelry, all the way through providing aftercare tips. Our staff strives to help your child feel great about their new look!


Before starting the journey of new adornments, the first step in our process us booking an appointment!

Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian that has:

A valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID. Proof of relationship, such as a birth certificate or insurance card. A completed release form.

The ID provided on the release form must also match that of the person providing the ID in person at the time of the appointment.


At RION, we pride ourselves on offering you and your children the premier luxury piercing experience. The process includes helping them select the stylish new jewelry they’ll soon be wearing in our studios, which we keep meticulously clean.

We’ve brought together some of the most stylish jewelry from today’s top designers for you to choose from. We only sell jewelry made with implant-grade bioinert metals, which means the stylish threaded and threadless pieces, rings, and other items we stock do not cause an allergic reaction when they come in contact with your body like some lesser quality jewelry might. 

We recommend coming in 5-10 minutes early to take a look at our amazing selection of jewelry. If there’s a specific piece of jewelry you’re interested in, please give us a call before you visit so that we can check our inventory for you.

Not sure what jewelry to get?

No problem! Our talented team can help you pick your new jewelry before your piercing session based on your personal style and budget. Additionally, our expert piercers will offer their professional recommendations to make sure you have the best experience possible. 


Please fill out your release form on the day of your appointment to assure we can find it as soon as you arrive!


The day of.

We know that getting your first piercing can be a scary experience. Our piercers will work with your child to reassure them and answer any questions they may have. 

At RION, we operate with a focus on cleanliness, education, and inclusivity. When it comes to the actual piercing process, our experienced team only uses tools that meet the highest industry quality standards in a welcoming and professional environment. Procedures are performed by trained experts (certified by the Association of Professional Piercers) using sterile, single use piercing needles and never a piercing gun.

To maintain sterilization standards, the RION team always uses gloves when handling jewelry. Additionally, each item is cleaned when it first arrives and before your child’s piercing using high-pressured steam in an industrial autoclave machine. 

Before arriving for your appointment, please go through the following checklist to make sure you and your child have everything you need:

1. Is it the right day and time? Double-check that you’re scheduled for today and arrive a few minutes early to review the jewelry options you’ve made. If you think you’ll be late or need to reschedule, please give us a call.

2. Am I bringing previously worn jewelry? If so, it must have never been worn by anyone else. The jewelry must be thoroughly cleaned by your piercer, so please plan to drop it off in a clean baggie labeled with your full name at least one hour BEFORE your appointment time and on the same day. We will not hold jewelry overnight. 

3. Have I filled out and brought my release forms? Please fill out and bring the appropriate release forms with you to the studio.

4. Do I have my ID? Don’t forget your valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID.

5. My child is under 18, do I have everything I need? You must accompany your child for their piercing appointment, along with (1) your valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID, (2) your proof of relationship, such as a birth certificate or insurance card, and (3) a completed release form.

6. Have they eaten? No outside food or drinks are allowed in our studios, so please make sure everyone hits their macros before coming in for your appointment.

After your child’s procedure, it is extremely important that they keep their piercing and new jewelry clean throughout the healing process.

At RION, your piercer will answer all the questions you both may have and guide you through what you can expect in the weeks ahead. Piercers at RION follow the practices of the Association of Professional Piercers. 

Click here for the latest piercing aftercare tips for minors from the APP.

Check out RION's official Aftercare Tips Here

Yes, but we have specific rules regarding using your own previously worn jewelry for an install or new piercing.

1. Previously worn jewelry must have never been worn by anyone else other than the person who will be getting it installed.  

2. Previously worn jewelry must be thoroughly sterilized by one of our piercers. Please plan to drop it off in a clean baggie labeled with your child's full name at least one hour BEFORE your appointment time and on the same day. We will not hold jewelry overnight.  

3. If the jewelry was not previously purchased from RION, it must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

- The item must meet the professional industry standards as set forth by the Association of Professional Piercers.

- The item is made of implant-grade ASTM F-136 titanium, ASTM F-138 steel, or nickel-free gold with approved alloys.

- The item comes from an Association of Professional Piercers approved vendor, adhering to professional initial piercing jewelry standards.