Rion is a high end jewelry and piercing studio with an emphasis on unique, high quality pieces from our own brand, along with those from local artisans.  To be an employee with us is to unite with this mission + promise, and support one another’s growth through kindness, integrity, hustle (the fun kind!), and optimism.

These attributes are important tenets of our organizational culture which we believe is continuously being shaped by the innumerable daily actions/decisions we each make, thereby crystallizing these tenets as core values. Quite simply, our ability to deliver on our promise to our customers and each other relies intrinsically on the makeup of our team, thereby placing the development of our team at the forefront of our focus.


Job Summary:

We are looking for professional piercers who maintain a high standard for quality, safety, and professionalism, and are passionate about creating a positive client experience. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Consult with clients to assist with jewelry and piercing curation
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism with an emphasis on safety
  • Set up and break down piercing spaces according to health and safety guidelines
  • Educate clients on piercings and placements so they can make an informed decision
  • Communicate clearly with counter staff and managers to support the needs of the clients and studio
  • Model company values in all actions, communications, and decision-making. Including a genuine commitment to equity, inclusion, and compassion for those around you

Qualifications and Skills:

  • APP Certified or completion of apprenticeship with an APP studio
  • Passionate about positive and judgment free customer experiences 
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, with cleaning procedures and supplies, such as Statim Autoclaves
  • An “Ideal Team Player.” Can work autonomously as well within a group
  • Understands customer service principles and what creates an excellent customer experience
  • Is approachable, genuine, knowledgeable, encouraging, passionate, and committed to helping our customers

If interested - send your resume and cover letter to: