RION Jewelry is a Kirkland Gem 


"The couple behind tattoo and piercing business Deep Roots recently started another eye-catching venture: RION Jewelry in Kirkland.

Rion and Katrina Wickersham (who, full disclosure, have no relation to the author of this post) opened RION Jewelry — a fine jewelry and piercing studio located at The Village in Totem Lake — last year. The studio’s jewelry is handcrafted by Rion, who is an experienced piercer and jeweler whose works are inspired by his years spent abroad.

Buddha Jewelry, which is Rion’s personal line, is available among several other stylish brands like DJULA, Liven Co, and BVLA, which are showcased and available for purchase at the storefront.

In addition to its wide selection, RION also offers a different take on the piercing experience. While many piercing spots are located in busy malls or have an old-school “parlor” feel to them, RION makes it a point to offer a more serene, almost spa-like atmosphere.

Piercers at RION intentionally space out appointments to help ensure that the piercing and jewelry-fitting process is a comfortable one for its clients, a release noted. All piercings are additionally done in a separate and private room away from the lobby of the studio.

For appointments, to browse the latest jewelry collection, or to learn more about RION, visit the business' webpage here."

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